Acacia in the Desert

April 7, 2010

Choosing Awesome Picture Books, Part II: Illustrations

Hello, my name is Acacia and I am a book addict.  I aim to have at least three picture book versions of every Bible story in my personal library, although five would be better.  As I was browsing Amazon today, I got to pondering the different types of each story I tend to buy.  I consider the text of the book, the illustrations of the book, and some nebulous items I can’t fit into a category.

Realistic Drawings

The drawings aren’t overly cartoonish or overly religious.  Hint: If there is snow on the stable’s roof, it is not realistic.

The Creation Story, illus. Norman Messenger.

Gorgeous Artwork

Usually a vibrant oil painting or pastel watercolor, but sometimes as a Mattisse inspired paper college, this book specializes in bright colors.  Often the designs are abstract and uncomplicated, so that the reader can better appreciate the glorious expanse of color.

At Break of Day, by Nikki Grimes.

Uncluttered Pictures

Often in a cartoonish style, this book’s sketches are line drawings, and do not overwhelm the reader.

My First Story of Christmas, by Tim Dowley.

The Fox’s Tale, by Nick Butterworth.

Made-You-Think Illustrations

Here, the illustrations are unusual, and break out of the mold for this story.

The Nativity, by Julie Vivas.  Balding shepherds are unusual.

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